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Starlight Manifesto [Black Box Edition] $5.99
Publisher: Dancing Lights Press
by Guy H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/05/2017 05:44:33

Starlight Manifesto is a space opera setting, optimistic in tone, beset by other civilizations who are not so enlightened. Though reminiscent of several favorite examples of the genre,Starlight is a setting of its own. The characters are members of the Starlight Peacekeepers, exploring, keeping tge peace, and opposing the numerous endmies of the utopian union. Berin Kinsman gives us more than a setting and a rules set (the Lighthouse Roleplaying System), but he gives practical advice on creating a campaign in keeping with the optimistic setting, and on the purpose of each element of the game. Instead of creating numerous species of little depth, he has created several well-developed races, which you can nevertheless customise to suit your interpretations.

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Starlight Manifesto [Black Box Edition]
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