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Super Powers Unleashed $10.00
Publisher: Daring Entertainment
by John P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/29/2017 12:47:40

When one considers all the optional and support material for the various Savage Worlds genres, you will find tons of books and PDFs for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror/Goth. But I've always found the “Supers” line to be a bit anemic. I was very pleased to see that someone (Daring Entertainment) decided to tackle this and offer a wealth of ideas. In this tome you’ll find numerous options andI’ll try to summarize my thoughts about some of the key points:

• Tone and Level for your campaign: After all a Punisher/Batman comic is certainly a different power level and tone than a Superman/Thor one. Starting power points, Bennies, and healing rates help tweak this feel. • Introduction of a Controlling Skill and the Psyche Secondary Statistic. Both of these were dearly needed to help determine success and level of it for your super powers and some way to deal with psychic combat that didn’t cause you to learn a whole new set of rules. • Motivations and Backgrounds: Ever have those players that could never flesh out their character, never knowing why he/she fought the good fight? These various charts have certainly helped us. • New Hindrances and Edges: What resource book for Savage Worlds would be complete without these? Some of them are really innovative and cool. • Genre Rules: These optional rules help move the game along or capture much of the comic book feel. Among my favorites are the Collateral Damage (using your scenery to help mitigate damage), GM Bennies (saves me from having that intimidating stack in front of me), and Reputation (this should matter to heroes). • Super Teams: I really, really like this section. Most superhero RPG games don’t do much with this, but the options for working together and building a meaningful team and name is really slick. Ever have those players that insist on making six characters each? Then the Expanded Super Team options just might be for you with a meaningful way of involving them without taking over the evening. • Powers: My, oh my, talk about options. There are a ton of new powers and ways to see the old ones differently. I wouldn’t use these to completely replace the ones from PEG’s excellent Super Powers Companion, but I haven’t found a super yet that I couldn’t now create while using both resources. There’s also a section on a few more enhancements and restrictions for your powers that help to customize yours. • Super Science Devices (and headquarters/power armors): Lots of times a supers book doesn’t really help the brains out there feel viable or fun to play. Here’s some great ways to be in the lab and in the field, making a difference to both. The Headquarters rules are very similar to PEG’s, if a bit trimmed down for simplicity. The Power Armor guide is quite good, as many times I’ve seen players struggle to keep the power armor "feel" for these types of heroes. • Telling Comic Book Stories: There are a dozen pages for the GM to better play his bad guys, use different environments, and get the group to go where you need/want them to go. I think it would be particularly helpful to newer GM’s to the genre, with great advice on creating the bedrock for a good adventure or campaign.

Some of the negative parts of the book might be editing. Not quite sure what happened, but parts (not too much) of the book just needed to be edited a bit better. I also noted a lack of a couple super powers from the Super Powers Companion that weren’t included here. Equivalent powers for such as Altered Forms, Broadcast, Energy Control, Earthquake, Fear (and Fearless), Gifted, Stun, Super Sorcery, and most especially Extra Actions were oddly missing. Construct and Undead was gone too, but those were odd anyways. I was never a fan of a few of these and I think most of them can be built from the options within this book and which is why I stated at the beginning that it worked great “with” the SPC and doesn’t entirely replace it.

Those interested in Supers would likely love this book. I haven’t found another Supers book that offers this many powers and options and would highly recommend it. Since it’s come out, our group has not played a supers game without it.

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Super Powers Unleashed
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