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FVS1 - Zechariah’s Dungeon $3.00
Publisher: Adventures in Filbar
by Thomas B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/20/2017 21:54:02

NO SPOILERS REVIEW Overall, I would say that this module is certainly worth the $3, and is a valiant and successful attempt to provide a true solo, RPG experience. It is aimed for beginners, but not newbies, as there are some game mechanics that are not explained in the module, specifically how initiative works and there is a magical, treasure item that requires outside knowledge (GM's guide) to know exactly how to use it. Where it does succeed as a beginners module, it gives some choices that will teach a new player the type of actions to consider. That being said, I was slightly disappointed that there were not more of those choices. In particular, I wish the module gave the opportunity to do some perception checks or search for traps. Understandably, it would be difficult for the author to make up possiblities for every unforseen circumstance a player might wish to try. As a single player campaign, for a first level character, it still provided some tense moments. I played through the module with the level 1, human fighter (noble) from the 5e starter pack, and he was killed about halfway throught the module. Some of the monsters were a little easy for that character, but would still have given a challenge to other classes. There are some goodies to be found in the dungeon that would help other first level characters through the dungeon with a little luck and making the right choices. In addition, the module also provides a section at the end to run it with a DM. There were some minor discrepancies between the true solo adventure and the single player/DM mechanic, especially in the final room. The DM section is also one of the reasons I believe this module is more for the beginner but not completely new player. The DM notes provide a lot more description of the areas that allows a good DM to fill in a lot of the color to the story. Someone who is not used to this type of game might not be able to fill in a rich a world to allow for the suspension of disbelief, and it could come across as just rolling a bunch of dice. There were times in my session that I and the monsters were just rolling poorly, and I was ripping through encounter turns quickly. In the end, I love the concept of this type of adventure. This genre will always lack the magic of what makes D&D so great - people playing and socializing together - but it is a worthwhile and supportable attempt. Though I ranked this module as middle of the road, I see it as a work in progress; which is why I am looking forward to Frank Schmidt's sophomore outing of a true solo adventure, Heart of Darkness.

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FVS1 - Zechariah’s Dungeon
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