Counsel of Primogen
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Counsel of Primogen is a Vampire: the Masquerade sourcebook dealing with local Camarilla politics. Primogen are clan representatives, by definition, but usually have their own agendas and, in effect, usually neglect their clan responsibilities.

This sourcebook is very useful for chronicles which take place in only a few cities. It gives the storyteller tips and hints on how to develop a complex and intrigue filled plot for the Primogen Council. It is also an invaluable resource for players that have PRimogen characters, since it gives them insight into common tactics and political maneuvers.

Players and Storytellers that have read the Guide to the Camarilla will still find this book useful, if not a little redundant at times. As stated in the book's introduction, the Primogen have never been detailed well in any other Vampire sourcebook. While many of you may think you know how these greedy and desperate Vampires work, I would still recommend checking this book out, since it includes many different types of councils and methods of becoming Primogen.

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Counsel of Primogen
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