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Hero Kids - Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle [BUNDLE] $87.77 $19.95
Publisher: Hero Forge Games
by Colin R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/18/2017 14:13:37

I spotted that the Hero Kids Complete Fantasy Bundle was on sale for an absolutely massive reduction - $19.95 down from $63.83 - and so decided to pick the thing up. I'd played a few simple homebrew scenarios with my 5-year-old son, and had heard some neat things about this game.

I'm delighted with the results. A simple ruleset for my son, a clear guide for his first-time-GM Dad, and a rich collection of printables, inventory items and character sheets to really add to the experience. My son and I have both been having a great time with this - well worth the price.

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Hero Kids - Complete Fantasy PDF Bundle [BUNDLE]
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