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Noctum: Full Corpse Edition $15.00
Publisher: Wicked World Games 1.1
by Miguel R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/19/2017 12:34:46

This is a very underappreciated game that deserves to be relauched by a renowed publisher, as happened to its sibbling sci-fi horror RPG Cold and Dark (now published by Modiphius). I've read a couple of nasty reviews on about a previous edition of Noctum, and, although I never had access to older editions, I felt that there was nothing wrong with those either, the reviewe probably had a problem with mature horror. And this IS mature horror, for people who like, for example, Kult. Noctum is, in fact, a very nice substitute for the now extremely dated Kult (despite having a new edition on the way, it has been postponed for so long that I couldn't care less about that anymore). In some ways Noctum is even better than Kult - for example, the mental stability and fear rules surpass the mental balance rules of Kult. And the detailed description of mental traumas and illness is much better than the one found in the older classic swedish role playing Kult. The mythos, on the other hand, is less interesting than the Kultish cosmology, and deserved to be rethinked in an hypotethical future re-realease. Stilll, as this is a game prepared to be played either with or without supernatural - pure thriller or horror - it doesn't blemish the product per se. The supernatural can be used in it's totality, or only in part, so the flexibility of it makes it a good choice for someone who likes varied styles. As for the rules, they are simple and as flexible as the setting itself. The art is varied, some of it is not so good, but some of it is quite nice. There are some typos, but, as far as I noticed, nothing that really matters.

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Noctum: Full Corpse Edition
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