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Cold & Dark
$9.99 $6.89
Publisher: Modiphius
by Miguel R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/18/2017 08:12:38

This game has been, apparently, a victim of lack of marketing, and it's sad because it's an unpolished gem that might get much better with future supplements. The setting offers exactly what it promisses, a fertile ground for a space thriller campaign inspired by movies such as the Alien franchise or John Carpenter's The Thing (or videogames like Dead Space), a more military approach to the alien fighting trope (in the vein of Starship Troopers), or something a little more bizarre, almost supernatural, like Event Horizon, or even a more space-faring adventurous type of thing, like Firefly. All these options are obvious (and all these films and games are advised as inspiration by the author). but the game is flexible enough to take other roads: political intrigue in the new homeworlds of the human race, corporate espionage, hunting down humans crazed by the effects of the Black Ressonance, plain exploration... Granted, the setting as it is lacks something. There's little information on everyday life, futuristic sports, the media and entertainment, the "who's who" of showbiz be it music, movies or other arts, but most science fiction games lack all that stuff and it's not that difficult to add it - for the quite few like me that really like that kind of info. In general, it's mostly gritty, with a heavy industrial feeling, which is quite alright, specially when there's no official Alien game. The rules are mostrly simple and very flexible (customizing the multi-task-armour-thing called the "COG" takes a bit more time than it should, but it feels a lot like customizing armours in cRPGs like the Mass Effect trilogy, so for those who like those games maybe it's a plus, not a down side). All in all it's quite an intereseting game, with a nice price tag, if you buy the pdf, but it does seem to have been neglected. And that's a pitty, because I for one would like to see more from this game - more information, maybe adventures ou guides on stuff that's lacking on the core book. Oh, and the artwork is excellent, really, really a mood setter (don't judge it by the cover alone, the interior art is much better).

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Cold & Dark
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