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Wormskin Issue 3 $5.99
Publisher: Necrotic Gnome
by Sophia B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/26/2017 02:02:25

Here we learn about the history of Dolmenwood. It is interesting to see how the languages evolved and share traits. It gives me a deeper sense of the setting and makes it more credible and well-rounded.

The Witching Ring is one of the unique features of Dolmenwood. What happens when you destroy the ancient stones? What happens when the Cold Prince, a fey lord, is allowed to return?

The hex locations with elk-goddesses, badger magi with adorable sweaters, and a Mouse-shrine emphasize the fantastical.

You'll also get part 1 of a dungeon-crawl: The Ruined Abbey of St. Clewd. I would have liked to see the whole adventure in one book. In this issue, it's about the aboveground church. I care for the cool artistic map.

Another plus is the Ghostly Monk Creator. It amuses me that some of the monks strike with useless attacks, e.g. "ranting and raving".

Again, the issue concludes with new monsters. Great entries. For example, the Gloam:

Gloams are undead entities formed from the corpses of a multitude of crows, ravens, or magpies. [...]

The artwork is beautiful.

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Wormskin Issue 3
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