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Wormskin Issue 2 $4.99
Publisher: Necrotic Gnome
by Sophia B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/26/2017 02:01:46

The artwork is a mixed bag. There are some really cool pieces of original art. And the public domain art is just meh.

I have no opinion on the d30 table about tavern food. Might be useful to add some flavor (pun intended) to your game. I find the article about Psychedelics more interesting. How to sell it, how to manufacture it.

The first issue was a bit sparse on actual setting information. This time you have 7 hex descriptions of The High Wold. The village of Lankshorn could be a starting point for the characters. There is enough trouble with the goat-men to offer players opportunities for adventure.

You'll also get a portrait of Lord Malbleat, a cruel goat lord. He could make a good adversary.

Issue 2 concludes with new monsters. I like how you'll also get 1d6 tables for encounters. One of my favorite monsters is the Witch-Owls.

Tall, milky-white owls with violet eyes and uncannily rotating heads, these beings go abroad at dusk to hunt. Rather than the flesh of rodents and lesser birds, witch-owls feed on the psychic bodies of the sentients upon which they prey. The sighting of a witch-owl in flight—even in the distance—is regarded by woodland folk as an ill omen of great portent.

I appreciate the eerie tone of the setting. It's a cruel, twisted world. It reminds me of the original fairy tales. They are dark and grim instead of lovey-dovey like the Disney versions.

This is a fitting continuation of Issue 1. Just buying the first two issues gives you enough fresh material which you could incorporate into an existing campaign.

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Wormskin Issue 2
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