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Chicago Workings (World of Darkness)
Publisher: White Wolf
by Matt M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/04/2008 18:14:28

A Review:

Chicago Workings is both a ghost story and an occult investigation. This is not a “difficult” adventure, but it could be challenging at times and should spark plenty of interaction between the player characters. Players looking for big action scenes won’t find too many of them in this adventure. Storytellers can certainly add in a few more Physical challenges should they find the need to spice things up a bit.

The dark moody artwork by Sam Araya and the design/layout by matt milberger combine add plenty of atmosphere to the story. The maps of the city and those of Burgess’ house are a nice addition, but too small to be of much practical use.

This could make a fun starting adventure for a group of characters. They would start to discover that the world around them can be a haunted, angry place with ghosts, magic and more. Even though they may resolve this particular mystery, others remain. Who wrote the original “Chicago Workings” document that started the feud? Are there other copies still out there? What about other cities? Has Sacred Geometry been used to alter them as well?

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Chicago Workings (World of Darkness)
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