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Legend of the Elements
Publisher: The Logbook Project
by Aaron M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/03/2017 19:41:27

A great PbtA way to play in the Avatar/Korra setting, very glad to see it was broad and made non-benders (sorry, "shapers" for legal reasons) both interesting and useful. You can play a bounty hunter with a giant mole friend from the get go, which was my chief concern. Also quite a lot of sub-playbooks to distinguish and finely craft your OC, which was a surprise and appreciated (no combustion-bending, but you can make that pretty easy). Tags are a neat way to handle the elements and versitility of the system. Writing is clear and well done, art is minimalist but well used and consistent. This is a PbtA game, so be aware what you are getting into: this is narrative and freeform, no crunch or deep lore or complex character sheets. Sure, I would love that too, but this is great for pick up games or for those who aren't able to schedule long campaigns, or for those who enjoy the journey of hte campaign more than character advancement. LotE is a good addition to your collection for anyone wanting in this genre, it hits the spots that just fall flat when you try to mod D&D or Savage Worlds or FATE.

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Legend of the Elements
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