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1948: General Patton $2.50 $1.99
Publisher: Bloodstone Press
by Shane O. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/25/2008 15:46:50

1948: General Patton is a d20 supplement for Bloodstone Press’s Modern d20 line of 1948 products, presenting an alternate history of a much longer and bloodier World War II. The zipped file is less than half-a-megabyte in size, containing a single twenty-two page PDF. As with all of the 1948 line, there is a fair amount of artwork here, much of which seems to be photoshopped actual illustrations. Green borders are along almost every page as well. There is no printer-friendly version of the product, but printing this one shouldn’t be too difficult.

1948: General Patton follows the history of the famous general. It follows his personal history quite closely (though I thought I saw at least one mistake, regarding the name of the soldier that Patton was accused of hitting) and seamlessly switches to a fictitious history where he’s still fighting as the campaign unfolds. Several adventure seeds are presented, as are the full stats for Patton himself, along with a new template that he has, and two of his magic items. Several sidebars also dot the product, including one about his famous “Patton Saber,” but unfortunately the sidebar ends in the middle of a sentence and doesn’t finish describing its game statistics.

This book is a good one, but not without its flaws. The heavy focus on Patton’s history is nice, particularly as it relates to the campaign’s historical fiction, but it would have been nice if the adventure seeds section was expanded. If someone buys an entire product dedicated to Patton, they’ll probably want to use him in their game, so ideas and guidelines for doing so should be more prominent. Likewise, the cut-off sidebar is a bit of a disappointment, considering that it’s covering some of the new crunch here. Altogether, this is an imperfect book that could still be useful for any game involving Patton.

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1948: General Patton
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