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The Bridges we Burn - a Numenera Adventure $9.99 $7.99
Publisher: Janek Sielicki
by Alessandro V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/09/2017 23:06:24

This is by far the best self published Numenera campaign I ever came across and it is better of many official ones. The basic plot is based on classic tropes (kidnap of a noble lady, devious religions, attack of an apparently unbeatable beast to a big city...) and for this reason it is very easy to reskin this campaign or to play only parts of it, but to tell you the truth you will get the very best of it playing it after The Devil's Spine official campaign, that is the ideal prequel.

The author must have studied very in depth Numenera, both its mechanics and its feel, as the adventure adapts perfectly to the game under every point of view and I guess this campaign is a labour of love aimed at being above all a tribute to Monte Cook and his masterpiece.

Without going into the plot detail, what I loved of this campaign is that it "forces" you to use your brain and not to act carelessly, hoping that a kind game master will allow you to do anything without retribution: every stupid, or careless, or blindly violent action will "burn a bridge" behind you and you won't be able to go back anymore to get the best from that specific encounter or situation. That's what I ask to my roleplay games nowadays, as if I wanted to play continuous fights I'd go for a wargame or a boardgame where there is no real background story but just allows me to have fun with fights. In particular I appreciated the presence of an enemy impossible to win with direct attacks, no matter how strong you are. Only using your brain, investigation, diplomacy to find allies, strategy and planning will give you a chance of success (and only then you may start rolling dices).

If you played The Devil's spine and really enjoyed it (as many did), then you need to follow it up with this campaign!

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The Bridges we Burn - a Numenera Adventure
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