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Mageblade! Zero $4.99
Publisher: Lost Pages
by Tore N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/08/2017 13:57:01

A brilliant and light-weight fantasy rpg. While it owes something to THE fantasy rpg, it has flavor and interesting rules-choices, and does not feel like 'yet another OSR game'. Mageblade is pleasantly terse, and works well as a rules-reference, without being dry or bland. For me Mageblade strikes a balance between hardcore let-the-dice-fall-as-they-may old school gaming, and giving meaningfull and fun choices during character generation.

The game is built so that it complements Lost Pages' two brilliant magic sourcebooks (Wonder & Wickedness and Marvels & Malisons) but does not requre them. As I own these two (and recommend them as well) I see that as a plus.

(And I'd put that Joson Sholtis cover on my wall if I could).

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Mageblade! Zero
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