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Future Firearms Pack One $2.80
Publisher: Applied Vectors
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/12/2008 21:48:45

Future Firearms, Pack 1 by Applied Vectors is weaponry sourcebook for D20 Modern/D20 Future written and illustrated by Ian R. Liddle. This product is 14-pages (10-pages after cover and OGL) with a clear if unremarkable layout. Each of the five weapons is illustrated twice. The first is a grayscale image of just the weapon and one color piece with the weapon “in use” by a character. All of the pieces are computer generated.

The product begins with a standard breakdown of the information on the weapon statistic line, what it means and so on. Then it moves onto the body of the product, the four weapons from PL 6 - 8 technologies. A variety of destructive technologies are included: laser, plasma, pulse and rail gun weapons are represented. The designs are one pistol and three long arms. Each is given a sentence or two of descriptive text and then it is into the game information, much of which is repetitive between the entries and seems that it could have been condensed in some way.

The weapons are specialized and effective, the sort that player characters will probably be interested in. However, they lack description and history. There are no plot hooks presented beyond the images which, while intriguing with an evocative caption, are of limited inspirational value.

This product is easy to read and solid mechanically but it lacks useful background, plot and story hooks that would really make this product a must have for a D20 Future GM.

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Future Firearms Pack One
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