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The Lazy GM: Dungeon Beasts $21.99 $9.99
Publisher: Creative Conclave
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/25/2008 11:14:36

In a way, I guess all of us Gamemasters are lazy about one thing or another. I know some guys who love to nitpick and assign every single skill and feat for every single creature in their game. I on the other hand have players whom could care less or not if the Fire Giant blacksmith had craft skills. For this type of lazy GM, whom would rather do other things that stat up creatures, The Creative Conclave presents the Lazy GM: Dungeon Beasts.

Dungeon Beasts ventures into territory that many publishers have done with NPCs. Instead of rehashing the same old monsters, it takes a few dozen monsters and incrementally advances them, providing the reader over 400 varieties of creatures for their game.

The book goes about this by presenting a creature, a brief description and several advancement. It also presents several templates applied to the creature. It is a very simple and effective approach. Whereas most of the 146 pages of the book contain monster entries, the first few pages detail the types of monsters found in the book and reference pages for them.

The book is very simple in its layout, so much so that it becomes its biggest negative. There are no bookmarks or navigation tools and the statblock format is neither the new or old form.

For the DM Can not say I have ever thought about zombie Bulettes before, but I sure will use one in my game now.

The Iron Word I would hope to think that the second thing someone thinks of when creating a reference book is navigation (the first being the actual reference material). Still, Dungeon Beasts simple layout and descriptions overcomes this faux pas and feels like one of those books that you should have on file in your laptop for just in case incidents. It is an excellence monster source.

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The Lazy GM: Dungeon Beasts
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