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Hoodoo Blues the Role Playing Game
Publisher: Vajra Enterprises
by David M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/02/2017 16:01:52

My RPG experience goes back to the 1970's and the beginnings of role playing games. I learned D&D from con dealers long before the rule books came into being.

Hoodoo Blues appealed to me for many reasons, so I splurged the $5 to get a full copy and check it out.

While the mechanics are a bit cumbersome, they are playable. As for the actual game matter, it is 60%-75% a "good game". It appears that while the developers tried very hard to make the game very "Louisiana" and "Southern", apparently none of them were actually from Louisiana or the South, neither did they know anyone from the areas.

My family has been in the area for over 200 years and many tweaks to the system had to be made for it to accurately reflect the reality of Louisiana and the South. I also found that many of the effects, prices, etc. were not accurate reflections of reality.

I'd love to see a Version 2 of the game that was more representative of the genre, places, etc. Untill then, I'll continue to use my rewrite of the game.

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Hoodoo Blues the Role Playing Game
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