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Trinity: Alien Encounter 2: Deception
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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Ira S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/30/2017 11:59:35

The campaigns in this book are divided neatly into two halves: the great half and the abhorrent half.

The good: Alien Encounter: Deception frontloads its content with an engaging Star Trek-esque adventure negotiating the twists and turns of the thoroughly alien Qin as they try to pull a fast one over the humans and among their fiercely competitive guilds. The fundamental disconnect between human expectations and the aliens' reality is pulled off well and gives players stuff to do besides follow a plotted line to the end of the fairly-predictable "mystery". But it's different, has something to say about the dangers of going into space expecting to find humans in different skins and expands the Trinity universe depthwise.

Then you go to the second campaign and find White Wolf cannot let go of their rape-monster fixation.

Understand that it isn't prudery or a sensitive palette that makes the second campaign awful, it's how the existence and presence of rape-monsters warps the story into a mess and runs into unintentional parody.

The Coalition, a mono-species that takes genetic material from other species to augment themselves, cannot obtain that material without raping people. Also they have giant spaceships, advanced genetic engineering and "hard"(inorganic) tech far beyond the human civilization the players represent.

I hope you see the problem. What's worse is the obvious question "why?" has no answer in the story besides, effectively, "because the Coalition are evil". Why were they written that way? To be worse villains.

Adding insult to injury is the campaign itself. You go through a sight-seeing corridor of events, climaxing in a shootout intended to relieve the tension and give the players a chance to vent against the people the Storyteller has been describing as doing atrocious things to helpless victims for hours. The writing wastes no time using rape synonyms to describe absolutely every action the Coalition undertakes.

There's not even any espionage or expanded depth for the other side in this one, they're transparently evil and one-dimensional rape-monsters who are that way because they stopped at making them evil rape-monsters from space.

White Wolf can do, has done and does better. Their writers do better in the same book.

I can't reccomend this. The Qin story isn't enough to justify the price and getting the Coalition's is a waste no matter the money.

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Trinity: Alien Encounter 2: Deception
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