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Mini Quest: Sword of the Archon Pay What You Want
Publisher: One Shot RPG
by ed n. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/26/2017 10:38:22

I have been DMing a campaign using all of David's mini Quests. They are all excellent, playable in a night or two and easy to GM. This is the first one I had to modify and I think it improved the playability for the last encounter. In the last encounter I added the ability to gate in additional Angels to Erimial (25% chance as a move action), each gated-in-angel could immediately attempt to gate in more angles (also 25% chance). The Elder shadow could dismiss the angels with a touch form his tentacles (25% chance) up to 4 a round. The players were given control of each angel when they arrived and decided weather they attacked or summoned. Eventually when all was almost lost they managed to summon a hoard of angles and turn the tide. It was very exciting end to a great quest!

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Mini Quest: Sword of the Archon
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