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Publisher: Nocturnal Media
by David D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/10/2018 17:58:32

D6 does the basics admirably. It starts to fall down when you need 'extras' though. Powers (Magical or Psionic), Vehicles, and Giant Monsters are not the systems forte.

The other major flaw is the attributes are not very intuitive. 6 Attributes each with skills attached, but which skills are tied to which attribute often eems arbitrary. Once it's memorized it won't be a big issue, but it's a minor hurdle in learning the system.

That being said; D6 is solid. It lets you make a wide range of characters, and conduct basic scenes admirably. It's a very difficult system to 'break' or 'powergame'. Simple and to-the-point for the most part.

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D6 Adventure
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