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Quantum Black Core Rules: Color Revised Edition
Publisher: Quantum Black Games
by Anthony B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/19/2017 21:15:04

The revised version of Quantum Black contains the same content as the original release, but in a leaner, cleaner layout which is signigicantly better to read on screen, and to my eyes at least, looks much better.

The game itself is the first game licensing Exile Games' Ubiquity Roleplaying System to be set in the modern era, and offers a fine array of gear and tech to live up to that. Characters will need it if they are to survive the horrors the concept of the game will pit them against.

In the vein of beloved games like Beyond the Supernatural, and Delta Green, Quantum Black posits that the things that go bump in the night are not just stories. The conceit of the game has characters working for Quantum Integrated Technologies, and they may draw from a variety of skill sets to earn their paycheques, be that in invesitgative, combat, or thaumaturgical capacities.

The game revises and expands on the Horror and Sanity mechanics present in Hollow Earth Expedition and Leagues of Gothic Horror, to make it a focal point of a visceral horror game, without assuming or requiring that characters will fall prey to it as a core part of play. Characters will be strongly affected by what they experience and do, but may prove to be able to tough it out in the end.

Quantum Black will enable GMs looking to provide a very fast-paced game dealing with uncovering conspiracies, horrors, and getting in the way of plots and creatures familiar to Lovecraft fans. Ubiquity is quick to pick up, flexible and powerful in play, and in this game will let players enjoy sessions which feel like (among other things... such as The Thing) the X-files, Millennium, or with some alteration of dates, Stranger Things.

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Quantum Black Core Rules: Color Revised Edition
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