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Awaken - Core Rulebook
Publisher: The Games Collective
by Glupi N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/21/2017 18:15:21

Created by The Games Collective, Awaken is a role-playing game featuring horror, intrigue and good old-fashioned adventure. Awaken uses a farily elegant and intuitive system that is easy to learn and simple to use in play. This system is used to tell dark, swashbuckling tales about individuals gifted (and cursed) with powers that allow them to fight various threats. In a setting that freely mixes influences from Slavic history and mythology with Japanese anime, great houses fight and scheme among each other to gain ever more power. However, grotesque threats emerge from the dark corners of the world and endanger the whole of mankind. Only the player charactes can stop them but the more they use their powers, the more they risk turning into monsters themselves. Finally, its worth mentioning that the book's artwork is lavishly illustrated. Beautiful artwork helps bring the world of Awaken to life to both the players and game masters alike.

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Awaken - Core Rulebook
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