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Awaken - Core Rulebook
Publisher: The Games Collective
by Matt G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/17/2017 05:33:24

I was too late to back this game during its Kickstarter campaign, but I was waiting for the opportunity to buy the digital version of the book. My first impression of the game when I opened the PDF was „Ooooooh, nice art!“. So definitely one extra point for the art – I've seen triple-A publisher products which can't measure with art in this book.

The mechanic itself is fast and simple, well suited for RPG newbies. My gaming group consists of inexperienced players as well as old school fantasy RPG fans, and they all agree that the combat is one of the best solutions for quick fights they've ever seen. It's fast, easy, and gives the opportunity to include flashy, cinematic, and epic descriptions and moves.

The creators claim lore is Slavic and Mediterranean oriented – I think these are just elements of the overall feel, and my personal feel was that it was more of a Mediterranean atmosphere while reading about city Liboria, for instance. I completely endorse „dipping“ into that feel as opposed to relying heavily on standard mythology.

All in all, it's very good project, and I'd very much like to see the expansion of the lore, powers (gifts), Orders, and probably some more character feats and options.

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Awaken - Core Rulebook
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