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Alterkine: Player's Handbook $15.00 $12.75
Publisher: HermaDolph
by Jonathan H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/13/2017 21:03:27

I've been a fan of D20 Modern for years and have always had a good time with it. I picked up the D20 Future book and found it nifty and all, but it never inspired me to run a game.

A while ago i saw the Planetary Survey on Kickstarter and liked what i saw. Loads of aliens ready for insertion into any D20 game. I was very much impressed by the Planetary Survey, so thought to check out the print book. I am very glad i did so.

That day, i got the PDF. As they were printing the hard bound book. I was not disapointed. The great art, layout and easy of reading are great. The print book is beautiful and will join my other D20 games on their shelf. It looks as good, if not better than the PDF.

As for the rules and muenutia you find in the pages. It's not a great deal different from any other D20 game. But it is well and clearly expained. The book flows nicely from topic to topic giving great detail to all manner of Sci-Fi goodness. Psionics, Tech, Cyberware, Mutations. Not to mention gear and guns.

If you are familiar with D20 Modern, Dugeons & Dragons or even Paladium. You'll find this book a great way to tell your space adventure.

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Alterkine: Player's Handbook
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