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The Rad-Hack $6.66
Publisher: Karl Stjernberg
by Charles V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/17/2017 12:31:12

This is my favorite Black Hack hack. It just oozes character, and mutagenic glowing fluids. Seriously, the illustrations in this book are fantastic and really make it seem real, or at least, really fun!

The four classes have different ways of generating their stats, which seems very apt. Robots are a point-buy system, humans roll 4d6 and drop lowest, mutants really roll the dice - 1d20 per stat, reroll 1s and 20s. And then psychics get 4d6 drop lowest for mental attributes and 2d6+2 for physical stats. Each class has different added-on powers - humans have Professions where they can get advantages on relevant rolls, mutants have their mutations, robots have modules, psychics get their psionics. So there's random tables and 20 results for each class, which is great. Lets players rapidly differentiate themselves from other PCs with the same class, as a Profession: Driver is going to have some different starting gear and desires than a Farmer.

Then rules for guns, radiation, drugs, figuring out high-tech, and vehicles getting wrecked - an Out of the Action table for vehicles. There's a 2-page wastelands bestiary, 7 sample vehicles (and stats for the trailer part of a semi-trailer) and high-tech gear. A hex map and a beautiful non-hex map end the PDF and make me want to grab this, a bunch of random tables, and run some irradiated PCs through a vibrant, insane apocalyptic wasteland.

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The Rad-Hack
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