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Uncharted Worlds
Publisher: Sean Gomes
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/02/2017 12:29:49

Just to get it out of the way – Whatever company DTRPG uses to print this book should be fired, bankrupted, restarted, and fired and bankrupted again. The beautiful, bright colors on the cover are washed out, like they were printed on an inkjet prints running low on ink. The paper is thinner than newsprint, greyish, and very low quality. i feel like I have to baby this book because if I look at the pages the wrong way, they will rip. I give the print quality NEGATIVE TEN STARS. DTRPG, PLEASE get a better printing company to print your books. I'd have been happy to pay more for the book to get a decent copy.

Now on to the content – Sean Gomes has knocked it out of the park with Uncharted Worlds. UW is a space opera sandbox which allows you to play any scifi setting you've ever encountered, or create something of your own. Want to seek out new life and new civilization? You can do it. Want to help an ancient order of space samurai wizards fight the evil empire? You can do that too. Want to have a mass effect on the galaxy? Want to have giant robots fighting each other? Play a squad of marines in space? You can do that too.

This is a game using the Apocalypse World Engine. What this means is that character generation is easy, and the game is more about the story than the rules. In essence, every one in a Powered by The Apocalype games is the GM in a way. Someone who has never played an RPG could create a character and understand the basics of the game probably within 30 minutes. Because character creation is simple and the story is a collaborative effort between everyone in the group, it requires little preparation and is great for introducing new charcaters mid-game, or playing as a one-shot at conventions and events. I've only played in one shots and so far ahve played a corporate agent, an augmented covert ops officer, and a motorcyle punk.I have thousands more ideas for charcaters and they are all possible witin Uncharted Worlds.

Sean should be commended for the great work he's done. Shame about DTRPG's printing.

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Uncharted Worlds
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