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Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by James E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/28/2017 13:07:04

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product for the purpose of this review.

All right... the first thing you really need to do is take another look at the title of this work, then at the cover image there in the description. That alone is probably going to tell you whether or not you're interested in this work, and I'm not really sure what else I can say... but I'm going to try anyway.

This is a 54-page, full-color product that functions as a fully standalone roleplaying game. Featuring, yes, intelligent rodents - don't think too hard about it, because this product is clearly more about having fun than worrying over the small details. It is, however, newcomer-friendly - many of the common terms of the industry (like d6, Tabletop RPG, and so on) are defined in the document to help give people a better sense of what it's talking about.

After a brief introduction, this product delves right into character creation - reassuring people that they don't need to worry about terms they don't understand, because all is explained in due time - and the friendliness remains as basic choices (like which race of rodent to play) are outlined in nicely straightforward terms.

I'm not going to go into the nitty-gritty of character creation, but I will note that it's a moderately-involved process, and newcomers will probably want to do it with someone who's played the game before and can give advice. Skills like Acrobatics, Sneaking, Swimming, and Chemistry are present in the game, and use a flat difficulty check (ranging from a roll of 5 or higher for easy tasks to 20 or higher for truly difficult things).

Characters can level up during the course of the game - it's recommended to give out XP at the end of sessions - and can achieve a maximum of 10th level. The main character creation rules and guidelines for play end around Page 30 - starting on Page 31, we have the complete feat list (with more details on each), and that continues on for 10 pages until we get to Items & Equipment. Page 46 is the start of the game mastery suggestion (with lots of advice for those who haven't done it before), and also offers a number of sample bad guys that can be used during play.

Overall, this is an amusing, self-contained system. It doesn't take itself seriously, and you probably shouldn't treat it that way unless your group actually likes the idea of playing a grimdark rodent game (I'm not judging). I'd definitely ask people if they were interested prior to buying this, but if what you've heard in the description and here in my review sounds like fun, know that you'll be getting a complete game to play.

Just don't forget your cheese.

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