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Armageddon the End Times
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Publisher: Eden Studios
por Aaron W. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 03/26/17 16:19:54

I originally bought the book for the Primal Powers it has, but as it turns out, this book offers so much more than that. If you use the Unisystem at all, this book is a must-have. Along with the setting-specific stuff (which I will admit I hardly even read, but I'm sure is great), it comes with a few Greater Invocations, Spirit Patrons (Boons granted by spirits, demons, and basically anything else more powerful than humans, as well as Obligations which you can take to lessen the cost of the Boons. Think Qualities/Drawbacks), rules for magic item creation (Much different from the magic item creation rules provided in Dungeons & Zombies), and of course Primal Powers (Powers granted by Old Gods, think Divine Inspiration in Witchcraft/AFMBE, but way more badass and with significantly more options to choose from). The rules, like in all other Eden Games, can be used in basically any setting you want.

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Armageddon the End Times
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