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Synthicide RPG $15.00
Publisher: Will Power Games
by Dylan S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2017 18:03:54

This new RPG is a very refreshing scene in my world of Table-Top. I started off playing Cyberpunk and moved to years of D&D (3.5e and 5e). That's is when my regular GM and I found this on kickstarter. We were able to get the play test and even now I still love it. I have never had so much fun with a Table-Top before. This seems to be the one setting my GM can keep going on and doesn't get tired of. I have more stories out of a single campaign of Synthicide than I do over 4 or 5 in D&D. I am attracted to how you don't roll for your Attributes, makes it more of an even playing field between PC's and one person can't get "lucky" when they roll their PC's at home. Not to mention the Resolve system, it actually gives you a solid backup plan if you use it right. I am extremely happy to see how this game has developed and to know it will keep going. If anyone is looking for a nice and refreshing start with a big universe to trverse than this can fill that niche really well.

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Synthicide RPG
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