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Gloamhold Campaign Guide $5.95
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2017 10:55:07

This is a great product for anyone interested in running an old school, gritty, sandbox sort of a game. I’ve been anticipating the release of Gloamhold for several months, and it does not disappoint. I really like the gloomy feel of this place for a megadungeon setting and the space it allows for me to continueu to develop this to my own taste. I’ve never run a megadungeon before, but I like how much went into making this one feel like it had its own personality and history as opposed to simply a very large series of doors which must be kicked in, ad infinitum (which is how the one megadungeon that I played came across, though not sure if that was the way it was written or just the GM).

There is still a lot of work for the GM to do here, as this is a campaign setting without all of the details of encounters and intricate maps (though the 10,000 ft. maps are great). I’m hoping to try this in 5e, which feels like it will be more work as there are not as many resources available to draw on as there are in Pathfinder. If I were running this in Pathfinder, I could simply pull stat blocks from some of Raging Swan’s other products that have a similar feel. This isn’t really a complaint, because I knew this when I bought it: it is listed as System Neutral, after all. But it would be nice if there were additional supplements rolled out eventually with stats for both Pathfinder and 5e for some of the new creatures, NPCs, and effects introduced here.

The one thing I would like is a more thorough list of all the products set in this region before. Some of the village backdrops can be easily searched for on the Raging Swan site, but I swear I’ve read about Vongyth somewhere before and it didn’t show up when I did a search. It might also be nice if there were village backdrops for Dunstone and Languard, as those two seem like prime places to start the campaign. So hopefully those will be coming soon as well.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your review. I'm delighted you enjoyed Gloamhold! We do have a Town Backdrop for Dunstone in development as we speak (March 2017). Languard will be appearing later this year. As to your question about Village Backdrops we do have a list of relevant supplements on the Gloamhold page over at our site!
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Gloamhold Campaign Guide
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