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Escape From Khosht $0.00
Publisher: Fabled Worlds
by Max F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/01/2017 17:02:32

It was a great adventure! I ran this several times on the characters given with the packet and a few custom characters, and found it mildly challenging each time. I liked the idea of how you had to "Travel light," and you could only bring so much with you. I actually found a reason to carry several diffrent weapons on an adventure, and it was fantastic. Although, how certain custom charcters had certain abilites and items bugged me a bit, seeing as how they made other characters inferior. Like when Draaz can throw both of his throwing knifes for 4D6 + 110 DMG really seemed a bit over powered because you essentially did more damage than anything else could deal. And Tamacras and his Hammer of Spite 9D6 bugged me because of the dice that is rolled with it, it makes the hamer more power than the Bonespliter 7D6 + 3 (unless you roll double ones, but how often is THAT!). ANd the ability that gives you even more damage when you are already have dealt 3 6's worth was a tad bit upsetting. But other than that it was a great adventure.

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Escape From Khosht
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