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Ultimate Charisma $15.00
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by JEROME M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2017 13:33:59

Ultimate Charisma combines two great books in one and takes your game to a whole new level!

Ultimate Charisma is an amalgamation of two previous PDFs, the Leadership Handbook and Psychological Combat. Both PDFs covered areas of gameplay that often came up, but were left a bit unfulfilled under the normal Pathfinder rule set.

The Leadership Handbook portion of the book basically gives everyone the leadership feat and allows the party to bring along one cohort to aid in their adventure. The players acquire cohorts through regular gameplay, so instead of ignoring the NPCs, now your players will compete with each other to gain the attention of the more capable NPCs in the hopes that they can be converted to a cohort by the session's end.

The Psychological Combat portion of the book introduces new antagonizing mechanics to use in and out of combat. Using a standard action, your PCs can choose to antagonize, feint or intimidate foes during combat. Under the normal PFRPG rules, affecting an opponent with intimidate, bluff or diplomacy was rather cumbersome during combat. With these simple rules and the introduction of a Pscyhology DC, your players can threaten and huff and puff their opponents into submission before downing them with a well place axe blow.

I bought each version of the PDF, then Ultimate Charisma and will soon order the hard copy for our gaming table. Buy yours today!

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Ultimate Charisma
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