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EABA WarpWorld v1.0
Publisher: BTRC
by Miguel d. L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/30/2008 05:37:39

Too weird to my taste, that's my main criticism. Unfortunately it seems that since the demise of Twilight 2000 there is no realistic post-holocaust setting in the market.

This setting is one of fantasy, not of science fiction of any kind, no matter how hard the author tries to present it as plausible. Of course, there is nothing wrong with fantasy. Guess I'm getting older.

Basically put, the ancient gods have came back and they disrupt our technology so we are forced to worship them. Literally.

Anyway, the setting is, disbelief aside, solid; the level of quality is up to par with BTRC, clean, well organized, smart, and fits perfectly within EABA.

(I only hope Greg would write some serious no-mutants, no-weirdness post-holocaust game... but I guess I'm in the minority here).

The part dedicated to the religion is very well researched in terms of the ancient gods. However the prediction about Christianity and all other modern religions disappearing quickly seems false to me.Not so much as the part about the ancients gods making a comeback) . Surely, number of christians will be smaller, but both Judaism and Christianity are made to give hope in a time of crisis.

So do you love fantasy and can accept a little weirdness? Then you will love this product.

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EABA WarpWorld v1.0
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