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TNE-0300 Traveller: The New Era
Publisher: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
by Richard C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/08/2008 15:26:09

Asa a great fan of both Megatraveller and classic Traveller, I was happy to see that this product continued in the spirit of both. As a new, larger, gaming supplement (over 300 pages) it has the dificulty of balancing sheer longwindedness over actual substance. In my opinion, the narrative sections of the book really add to the rules portions. Unlike, T4 and the Megatraveller, the referee will not find pages and pages of numbers, "flow charts," tables and deckplans. Instead, The book provided well-written narrative to support its rules portions. As a large, clumsy book, it is a bit hard to navigate from a rules standpoint, but the narratives allow referees plenty of material for the creation of new adventures. Unlike many other Traveller versions, TNE includes information on all species of aliens in charted space. In order to get this level of quality in CT, GURPS or MegaTraveller, one must buy many alien supplents. Combine this fact with the ever changing technology in modern versions of the game like T20, T4 and/or Traveller 5, and you will find that a complete Traveller system (with aliens, supplements and starship designs) does not exist except in the original game.

That was a tragedy for MegaTraveller and GURPS, but TNE doesn't have that problem. All the rules are here. The PDF quality is outstanding and the gaming engine is as approachable to newcomers as it is to fans of all of the other incarnations of the game. Whether or not Virus was a good idea is irrelelevant here. reviewers who don't like the product should not buy it. I felt that TNE was a game that was the natural progression of Twighlight 2000, 2300 A.D. and StarMercs 2000. TNE is a refreshing new bent on the old GDW tradition of uniting games under a common gaming system. I recommend this alongside of Classic Traveller and I challenge the new player to unite the two in a way that fans of both games will enjoy it. I think its greatest weakness is its length and amount of narrative between actual gaming stats.

One thing about the games and documents available here at "DriveThru" is the fact that errata and extra material is actually written on the PDF.There is no need to cycle back and forth between numerous errata shteets. That makes these PDF's much more valuable than even some of the books.

One thing that really irritated me was

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TNE-0300 Traveller: The New Era
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