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MASHED: A Korean War MASH RPG $14.99
Publisher: Brabblemark Press
by Lucus P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/20/2017 21:23:15

I gave this RPG 5 stars, but let me qualify it for claritie's sake if you are a potential buyer.

If you go into the book wanting to play what it is offering, you will be pleasantly surprised how well they were able to do what they wanted to with this system, etc. They offer excellent support for it, and it has all things I would need to play it (the setting/game as designed) for certain, and I could very likely "make it work" for any number of other, similar settings (field hospital in WWII? sure. American Civil War? With some research. In modern day Iraq? Yeah likely but again -- research). If you go in expecting it to be what it says it is, you will find it is the best version of that self.

If you're from either a limited background of "what an RPG is" or you want to do something with this that it wasn't made for, I don't recommend it. It's a 3 Star as an add-on to your more hacky-slashy, or "war game" becuase that's not the point of this. And I don't think it should be.

This is an excellent game, made an excellent way, with excellent research, and excellent ethos-pathos-logos for how the lore and the mechanics all blend into an excellent "experience".

And it's just what the doctor prescribed. ;)

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