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Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes $12.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Maxime L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/20/2017 18:21:01

The first full-sized sourcebook for Beast: the Primordial (after a solid Ready-made characters one), Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes is a collection of antagonists, but in classic Night Horrors fashion offers detailed, interesting elements for all of them. The book is divided in three parts: first Heroes, the titular characters who hunt Beasts (and are NOT Hunters, as a sidebar reminds us). Then Beasts, most of which have experienced the Inheritance (three types of transformation which usually turn into a Beast into something more suitable for NPCs). And finally, something entirely new - the Insatiables, a new type of creatures who hunt Beasts themselves. Each chapter is made of unique examples, all with interesting backstories and different approaches. A couple of new Heroic Gifts, Numina, and entirely new powers for the Insatiables can be found in there as well.

Beast being a new game, and one in which there is considerable freedom to create characters and antagonists, any new material helps and those many examples serve to enrich the game. I found the Heroes chapter offered different methods for them to hunt Beast, the Beast chapter made the Inheritances clearer, and the Insatiable offered an important new part of the Beast setting. Overall an excellent book which I can only recommend if you found Beast interesting.

Oh, and there's a killer clown.

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Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes
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