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OneDice Universal $5.00
Publisher: Cakebread & Walton
by Dillard R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/16/2017 00:15:08

Simplistic not simple. I can't imagine why anyone...including myself spent money on this.

I checked out the quickstart. I for some reason thought that there had to be crunchier rules in the actual settings/universal rules...there aren't. No ranged combat. Even though weapons are given ranges. I figure the GM is supposed to SWAG that. Since it appears that despite PCs having a movement rating there seems to be no apparent reason given for having one. No rules for covering distances on foot at all. No rules for cover. Although the GM can arbitrarily determine if a roll has advantage or disadvantage. This book has no setting, but costs as much or more than the setting books. Here's the catch the setting books have the same set of minimal rules in them. I bought this Universal set of rules on sale for a little over 5 USD. Each setting book is regularly 7 USD. You can get the entire Fate Core set of rules and Fate Accelerated, over 400+pages of complete rules, for pay as you want. You can presently get 25+ complete settings for Fate Core each pay as you want.

The price point of this material is grossly overrated. Give it a pass. Spend a bit of time shopping on RpgNow and find something worth your money. This ain't it. I also bought another setting book from OneDice brand; Steampunk. Again, way over priced. You can get other settings with complete rules for steampunk such as the original Space 1889 from GDW.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Dillard,

I'm sorry you didn't find the game to your tastes.

To clarify, there are Initiative, Ranged Combat and Movement rules included. Some of it is covered here: "...they won't be able to start fighting until someone moves into the range of the other sides weapons." p.19 and Moving on p.20 "If a character isn't in a hand-to-hand fight and wants to move, up to his or her Move in metres, they can (instead of attacking - you don't get to do both). This includes moving into a hand-to-hand fight."

We always welcome queries and try to respond in a timely fashion. Often rules queries can be aired on the OneDice Google+ page and the Renaissance and OneDice Facebook page or simply email or message our company.

All the best,

Peter Cakebread
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OneDice Universal
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