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Publisher: Columbia Games Inc.
by Dan B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2007 18:04:30

“Hârnic Christmas”, is a free 8 page, rules independent, 3.6 MB pdf document written by John Sgammato, from Columbia Games available for free download at rpgnow : or at rpgdrivethru

p>The article includes a 3 pages of maps (one area map and a player map and a GM map of the castle town where the adventure occurs). It presents a short adventure dealing with the beginnings of a Hârnic Santa Claus. It is set on Hârn and can be used to introduce the group to Orbaalese politics, for the start of a Jarin rebellion campaign. However it can be easily transported to another medieval fantasy or historical setting.

The Story: An elderly Jarin toymaker from Leriel comes to Geldeheim, carrying sacks of toys which he hopes to take aboard ship to Thay and sell. The party helps him to realize that he will not get to Thay before spring, and maybe not at all. King Alegar has imposed "temporary" punitive taxes on Jarin goods in harsh reprisal for a recent brawl. The old toymaker decides to give all his toys away to local children, rather than surrender them to King Alegar's thugs.

Any party can handle this adventure, although there is some need for stealth, and an understanding of the local political situation. It is playable with any rules system. Player and GM Maps as well as details about the residents of Geldeheim where the adventure is set are on pages 5-8.

Conclusion: since it is free and you can’t really afford not to skim it yourself!

Regards Dan Bell

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Harnic Christmas
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