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I have fallen in love with the shows by British Chef, Gordon Ramsey. No, not the American reality show inspired fake drama fest shows he is producing in the states, but the British Broadcast of America exports produced in England. Ramsey has built his empire of exquisite cuisine off of his signature saying, keep it simple and fresh. Whereas I doubt any of the dishes in Tavern Menus: Fantasy Food and Drink, produced by Small Niche Games and designed by Rick Hershey, taste like Ramsey’s 5 star cooking, Tavern Menus does follow his niche advice by making a simple and fresh gaming device that will come in handy by any DM.

Tavern Menus is the product I needed but did not know that I needed it. Just last weekend, my PCs walked into a city went to the Wicked Owl and ordered dinner. I can give you the adjusted AC of a Juvenile Silver Dragon but I can not tell you what these people eat. I named some made up dish but I loss a bit of the emersion I like to create. Tavern Menus fixes that.

Tavern Menus is only eight pages long and contains six menus. The menus are very creative and each uses artwork and typeface designs that sing medieval. You can not find more authentic looking menus unless you go to a renaissance fair. There are no prices on the menus, as the author leaves room for the DM to adjust for his economy. A very nice touch that so many designers forget. Every campaign is not the same. The DM does include a box of suggestions for prices to give the DM a ball park figure.

For the DM: Each Menu is extremely different. You can identify them easily. One is good for a very upscale palace retreat where as one is really good for that hole in the wall.

The Iron Word Tavern Menus is the must buy document you store on your computer and print up when you really want your PCs to fill immersed in the setting. If you enjoy handouts and spend hours making documents to give to your PCs, you will enjoy this PDF.

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Tavern Menus
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