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DC2 Dark Conspiracy Referee's Guide Basic Edition (2nd ed.)
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Publisher: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
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The essential companion to the players handbook for this game. This one contains all the actual numbers you or the GM need to crunch to play the game. Now, I'm of two minds about issuing two seperate handbooks: yes, it prevents your players from looking up how tough a monster is (Very few weak monsters in this game) and the book recommends that the GM conceal information about the PC's abilities (especially Psionics) or how the Dark Tech works and so on. I don't like playing it that way, most players realise an ogre won't fall over when shot by a .25 pistol, or that vampires don't like UV light, especially when it comes out of the business end of a laser carbine. You pays your money and takes your choice, except you don't really have a choice: you need both Players' and Referee's guide to get the picture (Let the GM determine the BIG picture). Enough grumbling. The referees' guide contains more than enough matierial (monsters, weapons, Tech) to set up your own personalised campaign (I kicked the ET's in the head from the start), ever remembering that ALL the Twilight 2000 v.2 supplements can be used without change in this world. It's superbly flexible, and a worthy successor to Call of Cthulhu et al. Minor quibbles. This one throws a heavier workload than some on the GM - all those secret PC records for a start. But a laser-sighted .44 magnum revolver with silver bullets dosn't give you any more of a edge here than a Webley .455 gave Sherlock Holmes - the fear factor is still there, which is what it's all about. Eight out of Ten.

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DC2 Dark Conspiracy Referee's Guide Basic Edition (2nd ed.)
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