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Infected Zombie RPG
Publisher: Immersion Studios
by Michael B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2016 04:43:46

If your looking for an indie RPG with high production values, amazing art that sucks you into the world and sparks your imagination THIS is it! I bought Apocalypse world 2nd edition and had to ask for a refund due to great disappointment in production values , then bought urban jungle and the internal artwork was poor...So refunded... but i am glad i took a chance on this.. The system is described as "rules medium" which it certainly is, in the best way possible , its simple to get to grips with but deep, maluable enough to slot in or remove peices as desired. The range of failure/success means that the action doesn't stagnate... No "i hit it with my crowbar" .. .you miss..   Its more " the crowbar rebounds of its skull sending your weapon hurtling across the floor" or " the crowbar penatrates the skull, but holds fast, as you struggle to pull it out, you hear the sound of more infected closing in..." This is built into the sytem and makes narrative flow like the best of rules light games , with the depth of rules heavy.

I would have happily paid double for this and cannot wait to see what else Immersion studios will create, if they keep this level of production value they will go far.

.. Do yourself and your players a favour.... Bring INFECTED to your table.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Infected Zombie RPG
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