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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Allen G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/30/2016 12:46:24

The Anarchy rules are a great addition and really bring the roleplaying aspect to the forefront of the game. They do, however, in some cases oversimplify the rule sets. Example,the way magic is done it becomes basically another kind of gun. The systems are so similar that the character types become a bit generic. Fortunately the Anarchy rules mesh well with the 5E rules so our gaming group chose a hybrid approach mixing the plot point and narrative systems in Anarchy with a form of the 5E rules to create a mix that allowed better story telling and participation in the group while keeping the variety in character options and equipment. We used some of the Anarchy streamlining where we fealt it helped eliminate minutiae that really didn't add to the enjoyment of the game but kept the overall approach of the 5E rules to give structure and consistency in how actions were resolved. Overall a good way to introduce new players to the concepts and setting of Shadowrun and a good way streamline some aspects of the gameplay but many more experienced players may find it overly simplified and better used as a supplement to the 5E rules rather than a replacement

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Shadowrun: Anarchy
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