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TAS 3D Deck Plan Templates $0.00
Publisher: Mongoose
by James J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/24/2016 05:35:44

I think this is a very cool addition to Traveller 2e. But it could be used with older versions. It is a different approach than if you used Campaign Cartographer and a plug-in.

This is more of a manual, open the deckplan grid in your favorite paint program like paintshop pro, then load the specific icons you need as a brush, and click in place. Or you could print these out on paper, and tape, staple or glue them in palce. just watch the scaling.

A little bit extra work to use these, but I like that they have a few angles for placement. Looking forward to submitting some designs for use with TAS, and Mongoose 2e.

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TAS 3D Deck Plan Templates
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