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Heroes Unlimited Revised - 1st Edition Rules $24.95 $12.49
Publisher: Palladium Books
by Gerry M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/17/2016 17:37:16

Heroes Unlimited!!! My opinion is nostalgic and awesome!! I had this book when I was a kid and have no idea what ever happened to it. I rmember even though I never actually played the game I really liked the book a lot and thought it was cool so I sought it out on Drive Thru RPG. I understand that most super hero gamers prefer different systems today. I like this system and have toyed with character genration. I think its a great game and am looking forward to playing it with my online group. Nostalgic, Classic Old School Fun. A good buy....

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Heroes Unlimited Revised - 1st Edition Rules
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