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Nobilis: The Essentials, Volume 1
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Publisher: Eos Press
by Rory H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/14/2016 17:10:19

While it seems pretentious to assess the third edition of the game on it's comparative art direction, it is probably worth noting that many people bought the previous editions as art books. This edition, albeit in full colour and visually impacting to a degree not seen in most RPGs, is mainly made up with anime or straight cartoony imagery. It just doesn't feel as classy.

The writing too seems a bit more trite in places, and while the game has always been whimsical in that way, I found the actual structure of the writing to be less directly informative on some key aspects of the game. There is a lot more emphasis in the game on collaborative character design and advice towards actual gameplay. In that regards it is a better edition. But whatever happened to the detail about flowers? In all, it's very good unless you were in love with the previous editions - in which case it's OK.

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Nobilis: The Essentials, Volume 1
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