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Revolution D100 $11.99
Publisher: Alephtar Games
by Robert S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/14/2016 01:09:05

For me, this is a sweet mix between HeroQuest 2, Chaosium Basic Role Playing and The Cypher System. If you like a narrative game system with fixed Characteristics, a small number of Skills (about 20) and a Combat system that can be basic enough or very detailed, this might be your set of rules.

You can use all the BRP content from Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest) or settings from other companies (Crusaders of the Amber Coast, Achtung! Chthulhu, etc) virtually without any conversion needed, as they all use the same basic Characteristics and ranges.

Conflicts are opposed rolles, where the winner subtracts Ressource Points from the opponent. Ressource Points depend on Characteristics, so there are no dumb stats - and no Hit Points. Once the Ressource Points of one side reach zero, the Conflict ends and the loser describes positive and negative Consequences (which can possibly affect future Conflicts, giving a Bonus or a Penalty). These Consequences are written down on the character sheet for future reference.

Combat comes in two falvours: basic and advanced. Basic Combat is good enough for most battles, but if the group wants more detail, advanced combat rules are for you. They have a more traditional RPG feeling, introduce Toughness, Strike Ranks and Hit Points, and allow for fast tactical (miniature) battles.

Equipment is done well, creation is not complicated. As I currently run a hard scifi setting, the Powers section is one I did only skim through.

Overall I really like the game, the rules are easy enough to understand and after playing the game a few times, things come naturally. If you do not like narrative games, you might struggle a bit more, although the detailed advanced combat rules could easily convince you this game system is well done and worth a try.

I played BRP (25+ years) and recently Cypher System (~2 years) and put myself between the narrative and simulative camp. BRP was getting old, Cypher System was good, but I do not like levels and classes (although they are well blended), HeroQuest was a bit too loose and wide open, Other Worlds was just too much the same for me.

Revolution D100 just sits between all these options, giving a good guidance (Characteristics, Skills, Traits), is narrative (why is a persuasion encounter easier to win or lose than a combat), can handle combats fast or detailed (depending on options used) - to me a perfect blend for the campaigns I play.

One more thing: I often had a hard time to interpret the results from a conflict in 'HeroQuest 2' (e.g. picklocking a door) or even playing a dungeon crawl - something that never happened in Revolution D100.

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Revolution D100
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