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Scarred Lands Player's Guide (OGL 5e) $19.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Brian S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/06/2016 23:07:56

A very pale relfection of the 3rd edtition Scarred Lands books. . Way too much attention on the later books which in my opnion steered away from the unique setting. For the Furries out there this book's got them. With not one, not two, not three but for humanoid animal races. I'm not a furrie. And while I understand that these races were added later on in supplements, they again ruin the feel of the main books. Unless I'm missing it, there is no Titan's Blood or Rites like the ones that create the floating castles or that can make you vampires. Elements that I loved in the Original. The color art is all wrong for the setting,draining the gloomy feel of the original. And while it has a good table of contents, for the love of god people put an index in it. Very disapointed in this overpriced pdf.

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Scarred Lands Player's Guide (OGL 5e)
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