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Bladestorm Rulesbook 2nd Edition $19.99
Publisher: Metal Express
by Darby M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/06/2016 18:06:06

The new edition of one of my favorite skirmish rules improves on the old quite substantially. The mechanics remain the same as well as the core rules concept, but Sebastian has added tweaks and polish that help the game quite a bit. The most dramatic addition is a new and very well constructed hero advancement system. This part completely rocks! It means you can use BStorm as basically a combat centered rpg with character growth. It is really well done.

In general, for those who do not know the first edition, BladeStorm is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting fantasy miniature games that came out in that burst of such in the 90s. For me it finds the sweet spot with detail, speed, and fun. The rules are quite modular so you can find a level that works for you (meaning you can have units or not, hero characters, spells, etc). I still love the dice mechanics and with the new additions to the combatant creation system, there are lots of hours of table-top mayhem in my future.

The down side of the product is the setting, it is still the old one put out years ago by ICE. To his credit Sebastian for the most part downplays it, as the system is generally designed to be setting agnostic. But the setting comes from not the best time of the now reconstituted company. Hopefully he can turn this into opportunity to create more products that flesh out the setting or more campaign options. I am eager to see where he can go with this game.

Seriously, major props to Sebastian for taking a system that had basically been moribund for more than a decade under very unproductive management and showing what a bit of fan passion and motivation can accomplish.

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Bladestorm Rulesbook 2nd Edition
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