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Publisher: Nocturnal Media
by Patrick H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/29/2016 10:44:56

Ugh. I tried. I really did. But after 90 pages of setting that's presented like you're supposed to already know the history, I couldn't take it anymore. Or maybe it's the fact that nearly every enumeration is sevenfold. Think I'm kidding? The Seventh Empire has existed for seven centuries and is divided into seven regions. After fighting a war on seven fronts, it's dying, so people are heading for this mysterious alien Dyson Sphere they've just found, which has seven planets orbiting within it and was colonized by a group of humans who promptly built seven cities. The name of the Dyson Sphere? Septimus.

Also, if the Dyson Sphere is 1AU from its star, which is established very firmly, how are there seven habitable planets within the half-AU they have left to move? I don't normally insist on good science in a science fiction setting because it's fiction, but if you're going to give me all these measurements, don't expect me to overlook that they don't make sense.

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