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Apocalypse World (2nd Ed) $28.00 $20.00
Publisher: lumpley games
by Nijusan K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/20/2016 08:46:14

What a great improvement over the original. The threat map gives you a way to visualize your fronts and a lot of minor things I personally had problems with were adressed, especially the wording on moves. There are moves for vehicular combat, cat and mouse chases and finally players get pushed a little bit with barter because of their lifestyle. People who liked first edition can just go ahead and buy this clearly improved version, they will feel right at home, sinking into the fine improvements everywhere. If you have never played this before and are interested in playing/running it, this is your time to jump into it!

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Apocalypse World (2nd Ed)
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